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Plant-Based Cooking Classes

Sign up now to attend one of my whole-food, plant-based cooking classes. In each class I demonstrate how to make delicious whole-food, plant-based recipes using only the most wholesome ingredients.  I also discuss the healing power of these foods and how they can bring you greater Health 4 Life!  All dishes are completely vegan, have no oil and I rarely use processed sugars or flour products.

All attendees receive food samples, hand-outs, including recipes, and a wealth of nutrition information that will motivate you to make the switch to a more whole-food, plant-based diet.


If you can’t make it to one of my scheduled classes, I would love to come to you. Schedule a demonstration for your church, business,  civic group, or neighborhood party!

Fall Community Education Classes

September 21, 2023 – Cauliflower Lentil Tacos, Texas Caviar with oven-baked chips, Mexican Cabbage Salad, Apple Crisp

October 25, 2023 – Butternut White Bean Stew, Greens and Grains Bowl, Fruity Fall Cabbage Salad, Pear Spice Cake

November 16, 2023 – Thanksgiving Chic Pea Loaf, Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes w/ No Turkey Gravy, Pumpkin Pie




Location: Utah Tech University campus 

Cost: $35 per person

Class includes whole-food, plant-based recipes, hand-outs, food samples, and a lot of nutrition education that can change your life!

Must pre-register for Community Ed classes by one of three ways:

  • On-line at
  • Call 435-652-7675
  • In person at 46 South 1000 East, UT North Plaza, Room 140


Relief Society Class                   Dixie State University Wellness Food Demo         


Dixie State Community Education Class







Cooking Class Reviews

My husband and I attended your cooking class last week at DSU. We both had a great time and were pleasantly surprised with the great tasting salads. I was amazed with the Mediterranean Kale Salad. You couldn’t taste the kale! Rick was excited about the Better Than Egg Salad. He keeps asking me to make it.

I wanted to share an experience that happened with the Mediterranean Kale Salad that I made for dinner the other night. First, I have to give you some background information. Rick is a self proclaimed carnivore and proudly announces it to everyone. In the past when I have prepared a salad for dinner, he adds a half dozen eggs and a chicken breast to it. We sat down for dinner and he tasted the Mediterranean Kale Salad and exclaimed, “Wow! That is really good! That doesn’t need anything added to it.” He then got up from the table and put the unused eggs and chicken back in the refrigerator.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes with us. It was a win-win-win experience. When you get great tasting food, it completely fills and satisfies you, AND it is healthy – that is something to truly be excited about!!!   E. B. St. George


I just want to thank you for the cooking demonstration last night. Everything was quite delicious and I do plan to use those recipes going forward. You made everything look so easy, I was quite encouraged.  Vegan food definitely has variety and is very tasty. Thanks again. You did such a rest job!  Ronnie and Jim, Mesquite NV


Thank you so much for your class and the recipes. I made the two main courses last week and they were a hit with my Husband and 3 year old. You have a gift and it’s so great of you to share your knowledge and talents with those around you. Looking forward to when I can come to one of your classes again. Thanks!  M. Roland


Thank you for demonstrating and cooking a wonderful meal tonight!  You created a wonderful dinner party!  L. Peters, St. George UT


Thank you for your informative class at the Bosch Center. We both enjoyed it. We will be trying out the Egg-less recipe for our trip this weekend. Jerry and I both remarked at how nice it was to be able to see you preparing the foods. This truly was a nice experience.”  Kathryn & Jerry, St. George


“Your class last evening was wonderful. It amazes me when I watch and see the flashes of genius emerge while you show us how to cook well in a maximally healthy way. As someone that is still new to this diet, the genius is partly that you make it so easy for me to be firm in my resolve to do this for the rest of my life.” Hazna & Frank, St. George

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“Thank you April for your cookbook. We have been using your recipes for about 10 weeks now and I’ve lost 25 pounds. We’ve not been perfect but darn near. Best of all, I’m feeling healthier and I don’t feel deprived.” Rob - Pocatello, Idaho
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“I’ve been using the recipes in your cookbooks. I love the Spicy pumpkin soup and your mustard potatoes…. yum! I cook up a batch of the potatoes and freeze them to use for meals for my brother. Usually potatoes get mushy in the freezer but these seem to be OK. I tried the Peppermint Patty’s and really liked them too! Thanks!”  K. Page, St. George, Utah

“Your recipes are making it much easier for us to keep on the diet.” Yvonne, St. George

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“I just love your cookbooks! I’ve been gradually working towards a plant based diet since about 2012 and have used a few really good cookbooks – the happy herbivore books, the China Study Books, Engine 2 etc — which all gave me a great foundation for this approach. Your cookbooks have offered new ways of seeing some of the recipes . I’ve made a few of the deserts, some of the loafs, and breakfasts. Great use of herbs and spices, and I like the fact that the ingredients are very simple to use. ” Thanks again, Sue

Whole Food Goodness and Whole Food American Favorites contain a collection of my favorite high nutrient whole food plant based recipes. My recipes are unique in that they contain no extracted oils, minimal processed sugars, and limited processed grains. I use an abundance of leafy green vegetables, which are the healthiest foods on the planet and have the greatest power to cleanse, detoxify, and repair damaged cells and bring you greater health for life.

Along with the recipes, you will find quotes from some of my favorite nutrition experts and documented research studies that will tell you why it’s important to eat a plant based diet. Knowledge is power and it is my hope and prayer that these books will help you gain the strength and determination to make the changes necessary that will bring you excellent health throughout your entire life!